Waltham High School Entrepreneurship Program


Waltham High School


John Maguire


John Maguire's Retail Management Class of 2013-2014


Evan Mula

Clint Marchese

Will Collins

Guest Speaker & Entrepreneur

Andrew Kitzenberg

Program Overview

The Waltham High School Entrepreneurial Program was created to give students an opportunity to learn and apply business concepts in a real world environment.

The program provided education, mentorship, and a grant that allowed students to research, create, and execute a business idea of their choosing. The students were guided through the different phases of company and product development including idea generation, prototyping, market research, go to market strategy, and sales.

The program resulted in students creating custom branded lanyards with the schools name and logo that were sold at the school store  and outside the classroom. The profits were used to create a scholarship that was awarded to a graduating senior selected by the schools scholarship committee.