I could call myself a problem solver, a community builder, a business developer, a photographer, an explorer, a practicing minimalist, and a number of other labels. But I don't like the idea of defining myself by any one profession, skill, interest or hobby because those things are constantly changing.

Speaking of constant change, I guess you could say that about my living pattern too. I grew up just outside of Boston. After graduating from university, I moved to Vancouver. Then I left Vancouver and spent time living in Montana and on the road exploring different places like California, Hawaii, Costa Rica, and London.

I'm currently working on a few different projects that you can read more about here.

Outside of work and traveling, I've been spending a lot of time reading about technology, health and wellness, social and environmental issues, and philosophy.


*Disclaimer: Have you ever come across an old photo of yourself and cringed in embarrassment at the clothes you were wearing or the pose you were making? I fully expect to have a similar reaction to the content of this website at some point in the future :)